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‘Anti-Racism‘ & Transhumanism

‘Anti-Racism‘ & Transhumanism

October 21, 2021
Tabitha talks about:

-How to be free
-Terasem, the transreligion
-Reincarnation vs. resurrection 
-World against 'racism' museum
-Race is more than skin color
-Euthenics, the next anthropological pogrom
-Fleshism and robot rights 
-Critical Race Theory is a hollow hoax
Cutting Through the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt)

Cutting Through the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt)

October 19, 2021

Tabitha talks about:

-Unveiling the lie
-Grandmillennial style
-Muffin pan cookery
-Tik Tok is a hotbed for pornography
-Ethylene oxide in the food supply
-Foods that make you fat
-Being well and being ill
-The hunter's/blood moon
-Benefits of taurine 
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Racial Hygiene & Creating Healthy Babies

Racial Hygiene & Creating Healthy Babies

October 12, 2021

Tabitha talks about:

-Predictions for our future from Kevin Galalae

-Hygieia, the Greek goddess of health

-3 Fertility myths 

-Reducing your exposure to wireless radiation

-Hazards to reproductive health

-Dr. Weston A. Price and the American Eugenics Movement 

Nourishing Our Fecundity

Nourishing Our Fecundity

October 5, 2021

Tabitha talks about:

-American National Radio Network is gone due to financial delinquincy

-Farm tips for good living

-The tenants of Vedic Ecoracialism

-Butterfly pea flower benefits

-An ode to aspic

-Cooking chicken successfully

-Vital human checklist 

White Wellness Wisdoms: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/Dq50Pyjt7J8M/

My Thoughts on MGTOW

My Thoughts on MGTOW

October 1, 2021

Here is a short audio that I made sometime last year for the now deleted YouTube channel MGTOW Exposed, a creation of Damon's (aka Incessant Goi).  

Honoring Our Shadows

Honoring Our Shadows

September 29, 2021

Tabitha talks about:

-Salt balancing spell

-OYYID-AI, freedom and choices

-Narcissism and abuse tunnel vision

-The sustainable development hoax

-Lotus symbolism

-Eating for nutrient density 

Autumnal Abundance

Autumnal Abundance

September 22, 2021

Tabitha talks about:

-The equinox 
-Hyndla, the Norse goddess of bloodlines
-Honing our intuition
-Carrot history and nutrition
-Rustic desserts and seasonal fruit
-Connecting to our roots via food
-Self care for cozy, cold days
-Spleen health and mitigating damp heat (stagnation inflammation)  
Evading the End Game Part #2

Evading the End Game Part #2

September 18, 2021
Tabitha and Jason discuss:
Robotics and bionics, synthetic biology, synthetic pandemics, terraforming, virtual reality, FBI facial regognition and biometrics, transgenderism, homebirthing, learning from each other, America 2050 and more.  
New Order – Blue Monday
Power, Corruption & Lies – 1983 
Evading the End Game Part #1

Evading the End Game Part #1

September 18, 2021

Tabitha and Jason discuss:

Gaming, avatars, industrial diets, degeneration of the generations, pufa's, the importance of race, Hollywood representations of Whites, zogbots and the lack of independant thinking, trannies in sports, singularity and aggregation, feelings vs. facts, saving yourself, natural vs. synthetic life, influencers, the folk soul, tentacles of transhumanism, 5G and 'pandemics,' geoengineering, brain machine interface (BMI), DARPA, cloning, codex alimentarius, cryonics, cybernetics, electrocueticals, GMO's, nanotechnology, claytronics, RFID, and more.  

*Contains excerpts from “The Transhumanism Pandemic” by Aaron McCollum which are corroborated by various other sites and agencies detailing the same openly available information.  

Nine Inch Nails - A Warm Place 
The Downward Spiral – 1994

Nine Inch Nails – Happiness in Slavery 
Broken – 1992

Building Back Our Bodies

Building Back Our Bodies

September 16, 2021

Tabitha talks about:

-How to fight without fighting back

-Template for OYYID tyranny is judaism

-Artificial/tranny "milk" is the next frankenfood

-Dr. Zog's new "treatments" for women

-The importance of pranayama and 3 powerful energy techniques

-Powering up your core

-Standard of care

-Healing the inner child

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