White Wellness Radio

Evading the End Game Part #1

September 18, 2021

Tabitha and Jason discuss:

Gaming, avatars, industrial diets, degeneration of the generations, pufa's, the importance of race, Hollywood representations of Whites, zogbots and the lack of independant thinking, trannies in sports, singularity and aggregation, feelings vs. facts, saving yourself, natural vs. synthetic life, influencers, the folk soul, tentacles of transhumanism, 5G and 'pandemics,' geoengineering, brain machine interface (BMI), DARPA, cloning, codex alimentarius, cryonics, cybernetics, electrocueticals, GMO's, nanotechnology, claytronics, RFID, and more.  

*Contains excerpts from “The Transhumanism Pandemic” by Aaron McCollum which are corroborated by various other sites and agencies detailing the same openly available information.  

Nine Inch Nails - A Warm Place 
The Downward Spiral – 1994

Nine Inch Nails – Happiness in Slavery 
Broken – 1992

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